Golf Grip – Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Grip

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Golf Grip – Complete Guide to The Perfect Golf Setup – Part 7

The importance of a proper golf grip is one of the most written about topics in golf instruction. Yet most golfers that come to see me for the first time, grip a golf club in a way that is costing them power, accuracy and consistency.

Remember, your grip is your only link to the golf club.

That golf ball you’re about to hit – it doesn’t react to what your swing looks like or how you’re standing or how long you’ve been playing golf.

All it reacts to is how fast the club is travelling, what direction the club is travelling in and the position of the clubface at impact.

All of those are controlled by how you grip the golf club.

Yes, changing your golf grip is uncomfortable at first and you might feel like you’ve taken a step backwards in the immediate term. But it’s well worth the small amount of effort it takes to make a proper golf grip feel second nature. You’ll play much more consistent, solid golf for many years to come as a result.

Watch this video – It outlines what a proper golf grip should look and feel like step-by-step.

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