Golf Hip Mobility and Flexibility

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Golf Hip Mobility and Flexability

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“Congratulations on taking the first step to relieving your back pain! I am Ian Hart, and today I’m going to take you through one of the simplest and easiest ways to relieve your back pain fast. So what I’m going to show you today is going to increase your hip mobility, reducing pain on your lower back and knees. It’s 4 simple and easy movements to do. If your hips are immobile or too stable during a golf swing, that is going to hinder your ability to output power throughout the swing. So when you increase mobility in the hips, it’s going to allow for greater energy transference from the ground through your body, through the swing and ultimately to the golf ball, allowing for greater accuracy and precision throughout the movement. These simple stretches will allow you to play a round of golf pain-free as well as hit the ball further.
These 4 simple and easy movements that we are going to show you right now only take a few minutes and I hope you find relief so we’re going to get them started right now.
Alright so here we are… I’m on my mat. All you need is a floor with a mat and a pillow or a towel (or a ball) to place behind your head for only the first movement.
So the first movement is going to create hip mobility. Now you would benefit even more if you do the full body mobility drill or a type of a warm up before you get these exercises, because you typically want blood flow into the muscles, you want to get warmed up before you do any stretching. If not, that is okay. This first exercise will at least get the blood flowing and give you a little bit of a warm up. So here we go…”