Golf Lessons – Consistent golf shots

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Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – When I meet players for the first time they will almost always tell me they want to hit more consistent golf shots. They have the ability to hit an occasional golf shot in the way they would like, but lack the ability to reproduce those shots on a regular basis.

This inconsistency can be due a number of factors but I have found that if the player can gain a better understanding of how the club face influences the ball flight and then works through a few simple drills that helps them to learn better face control, they can very quickly start hitting more consistent golf shots.

In this video I share a drill that will help you accomplish exactly this. You will learn to gain more control over the way in which the club face present s to the golf ball and thus gain better control over your ball flight. Thus you will be able to produce more consistent golf shots.

Now that you are hitting more consistent golf shots you may want to consider adding some more power to your shots. To learn how to achieve that check out this video

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