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Say Goodbye to the Yips

Are you ready to say goodbye to the yips? Many more golfers experience the yips than we realize. The yips is a term golfer is use when their swing feels like it hesitates or it gets herky jerky. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. I get many calls about this particular issue and people have tried a number of things to try to resolve it. Think about it. Why would your body feel so uncomfortable over a shot if you weren’t feeding it uncomfortable messages. Golfers have found so many psychological explanations filled with confusing rhetoric that they didn’t know what to do. They yips are caused by tension and not the other way around like so many golfers believe. Tension is what’s going on inside the body. When the body is that tense it will naturally tighten up causing uncomfortable a non rhythmical golf swings. Golf confidence will go down and swing rhythm will be severely affected . Do you really wanna work on your mental game and the effect it has on your golf performance because it is much wider than you may realize. Trusting your golf swing is a matter of confidence in yourself. The real question is how does a golfer maintain their level of confidence during an entire round. Most golfers look for a lot of tips and psychology to help them do this but it rarely gives them satisfaction. Golf confidence is equally important and related to swing confidence which creates trust. When you realize that golf confidence is not about results although they can help influence golf confidence it is about the feeling of confidence that comes from within by focusing only on things you can control and is not affected by results. Creating golf confidence is much easier than most golfers realize when approached from the proper perspective. Wired to Win is a program that does exactly that. It helps you trigger golf confidence and trust over any golf shot during a round and you can do it over and over again. This creates new feelings which elevate your game. Go here to get the first two sessions of Wired to Win for free and you will see exactly what I mean and your tension will start to decrease bringing your golf swing rhythm back:

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