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A question that gets asked all the time! What should I eat on the course? As with all of this, there is no single answer, but here are a few principles that can work for everyone:

Little and often: As we talked about above, too much food in one hit is going to leave your body with a choice to make, digest or perform, hard to do both. So small amount of food every 3-6 holes, relative to your other factors, is the best way to get it done.
Balanced Macros: With golf, you are looking at endurance due to the time taken, walking etc as well as explosive, challenging movement patterns. So you need your body ready to deliver on all elements, so a suitable balance of Protein, Carbs & Fat is likely going to be the best solution for the majority of people.
Be Prepared: The easiest way to leave yourself in a hole is to be under prepared, then you grab whatever you can find and we all know how that goes more often than not.
Be Consistent: Similar to the above, but also know that the body will adapt to a consistent stimulus, so if it know what fuel is coming in, it will also learn to function optimally in that state. If you then throw in something totally different, expect different results. Test.

In this video, we throwdown some ideas and thoughts on what you can do to be optimal on the course!

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