Golf Pre Shot Routine: Practicing Your Golf Pre Round Warm Up Exercises

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Grant Halverson, Master Instructor at the Aviara Golf Academy, explains how to practice your pre-shot routine for farther and straighter shots. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback.

Dialog from the Video

My name is Grant Halverson, I’m a Master Instructor at the Aviara Golf Academy and today I’d like to talk to you a little bit about your pre-shot routine when hitting a golf ball.

When you start of your routine to hit a golf ball you should step in behind the golf ball and pick out a target that’s clearly visible in your mind, something in front of you playing out to something down towards your ultimate destination. After you’ve done that, you want to walk in, keep visualizing that target as you’re walking in to set into the golf ball and get your club face and your posture set initially. Place your hands on the club, line up, couple of waggles to get the tension out, and then go ahead and pull the trigger.

As you step into the golf ball, you want to keep it nice and smooth. The routine should be flowing each time and it should be something that you can master and do at the same speed and the same rate every time. It’s kind of like your security blanket, as you’re moving into the golf ball, don’t rush into it, take a breath or two if that’s what you require. Move into it as comfortably as you can with the same pace each and every time and you’ll hit much farther and straighter golf shots.


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