Golf Slice Fix – Part 1 – Check your Alignment

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Golf Slice Fix Part 1 – Golf lesson and golf tips on how alignment may be a possible cause for slices and how focusing on that fundamental area can fix your slices easily.

► Golf Slice Fix – Video Golf Lesson Summary

– Sometimes poor alignment can cause a slice or compensate for a slice.

– Review these steps to ensure you are positioned in a square alignment that promotes a straight ball flight.

– Stand behind the ball and look at the target.

– Set up and position your feet so that the line formed between your two feet is parallel to the line between the golf ball and the target.

– At address, make sure that the clubface points directly at the target, behind the ball. It should not point to the left (closed) and it should be point to the right (open).

– If you are correctly aligned then you may move on to Part 2 of this Golf Slice Fix series.

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