Golf Slice Fix – Part 2 – Check your Grip

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Golf Slice Fix Part 2 – Golf lesson and golf tips on how your grip and specifically your grip strength may explain why you are slicing the ball since your grip strength helps determine the clubface angle at impact.

► Golf Slice Fix – Video Golf Lesson Summary

A slice is associated with a clubface that is not square to the target at impact but is open instead.

It can result from a grip that is either too strong, or more traditionally too weak.

If your grip is too strong, you may tend to slow down your hand rotation in order to protect yourself from a hook and produce a slice instead.

If your grip is too weak, you will present an open clubface at impact which promotes a slice.

It is best to set your hands in a neutral position on the grip, where the V points to the chin on your right hand. And a neutral grip is associated with seeing two knuckles on your left hand.

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