Golf Slice Fix – Part 4 – Rotate your Hands

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Golf Slice Fix Part 4 – Golf lesson and golf tips on how you may be able to stop slicing the ball if you focus on rotating your hands correctly through impact.

► Golf Slice Fix – Video Golf Lesson Summary

If you’ve done the previous part correctly – part 3 – you may find out that balls are sent straight out to the right; this is normal and represents a key step in curing your slice.

The next step involves the rotation of the hands at impact, and its effect on the clubface angle.

Practice making swings with a correct top of the swing position and a correct downswing initiation via the right elbow coming down towards the hip.

When the club shaft is parallel to the ground on its way down, train your trailing hand – right hand – to overcome the left hand gradually.

Failing to rotate your hands correctly will result in a clubface that presents itself at impact in an open position, helping send the ball on a slice path. It will take some practice to get the timing just right but it will be worth the effort.

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