Golf Slice Fix – Part 5 – Over Exaggerate

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Golf Slice Fix Part 5 – Golf lesson and golf tips on how you may be able to stop slicing the ball if you focus on over exaggerating the correct movements when practicing, even if it produces draws and hooks momentarily.

► Golf Slice Fix – Video Golf Lesson Summary

Take everything you’ve practiced so far in the previous 4 parts and the 5 drills and actually start hitting golf balls.

Using the same basket setup that creates a path for your club to travel through try hitting balls while making sure to reach impact position with a closed clubface. This is the only way the ball will travel left using this gate that you have created with the basket.

Practicing hitting the ball left through an over exaggeration will teach you to stop hitting slices. You will instead be hitting draws and hooks but then you can consider your slice issues to be solved and it will only be a matter of stopping the exaggeration in order to produce a straight ball flight.

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