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A great exercise to perform at the gym is a Core and Hip Pull using the pulley system. This exercise does not require heavy weight, although you can work into heavier weights as you get better. More importantly, it’s all about form and technique. If you can engage the core, abs, hips and legs, the arms and hands will follow along. It seems like a simple move, but master the technique first and then start to add more weight. If you can train your body to work in your golf swing, you’ll be amazed at how much better you can compress the ball and fully extend into a well balanced finish.

You’ll notice I am not using heavy weights at all. I am totally focused on using my legs, hips and core area to do all the work. I’m trying to perform this exercise like I’m swinging a golf club. I want to use all the large muscles in my body that will engage as I swing a golf club. I want to keep my knees slightly flexed and keep my lead arm perfectly straight. Then I want to rotate and pull with my lower body and allow the chest and arms to follow. My area of focus is the hips and the abdominals. When done correctly, you can feel the muscles of focus working. Also, notice how my arms are only working from a 45 degree angle and then finish on the opposite side at a 45 degree angle. That’s the position my trainer, John Hoffman would like to see me get to when the exercise is performed properly.

Working out in the gym is all about technique, just like a golf swing is about technique. The goal is perform the exercise to perfection. If that means going slower and using less weight in the beginning, then that must take place. As I get stronger and perform the technique better, I will be using the right muscles and then add more weight as needed. Trust yourself and make sure you have good form. Your certified personal trainer will be sure you perform well, just like your golf coach will be sure you perform well.

For more information on Personal Training in the Raleigh / Durham area, please contact my personal trainer at Raleigh Strength and Fitness. John is the owner and will help you improve & get you swinging the golf club with more power and speed by working the appropriate body muscles.

Keep up the great work and I hope these golf exercise videos help you.

All the best in golf,

Greg Greksa
PGA Professional
Director of Instruction
Grexa Golf Raleigh
President of G&B Golf