Golf Strength & Fitness – Wide fly & press with engaged core

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This exercise is good for the big muscles in the chest. It’s not a difficult move for me unless I add too much weight. However, the idea is to not use too much weight, but to feel a good stretch while at the same time get stronger. I’ve always been stronger and more flexible in my upper body, so I feel good about this exercise. However, I really need to work harder on the exercises that involve my lower body. Watch me perform those exercises as you’ll see that I tend to struggle a little more. It’s important to have fun with working out and look at how you’ll improve your daily life and your golf game.

The idea of the Wide Fly & Press is to create a toned upper body, to help generate swing speed with the golf club by using the chest. Remember, we want to use our entire body to hit a golf ball, but this specific drill focuses on the muscles in the chest. If you are unsure of the weight to start with, always start with little or no weight and then add heavier weights as you get stronger and build better technique.

As I either FLY or PRESS, I do my best to engage more core muscles as well. This way I am getting more use of my abs, core and chest as I perform the moves. The FLY is often a bit more difficult than the PRESS part of this exercise. The reason the FLY is more difficult is because the weights are more distant from you body. The PRESS tends to be easier, because you can feel the connection and you’re pushing the weight directly upward. I can relate these positions to the swinging of a golf club. When you keep the club loaded with wrists lag, the club will tend to be lighter. When your wrists give the angle away, the club head becomes heavier. Once your hands release the angle and the weight of the club accelerates, you risk throwing the club into the ground before impacting the ball.

Weight exercises are great for building strength and flexibility, but you must have a certified instructor to help you pull it all together. My goal in weight training is to be strong and flexible. I don’t want to bulk up or become too thick, because that could possibly slow my swing speed down. My goal is to be stronger, powerful and still retain proper balance and flexibility. If you are unsure of what exercises will work best for you, please call your local certified personal trainer.

Keep up the great work and I hope these golf exercise videos help you.

Best regards,

Greg Greksa
PGA Professional
Director of Instruction
Cleveland / Srixon Advisory Staff