Golf Stretching Exercises Tip: How to Increase Golf Flexibility in Your Iliotibial or IT Band

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Ronna Semonian, physical therapist and certified golf fitness instructor with Golf Fit SOS, leads you through a training workout that can help increase golf flexibility in your iliotibial or IT band. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own, leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback.

Hi, I’m Ronna Semonian. I’m a physical therapist and a certified golf fitness instructor with Golf Fit SOS.

This is a simple test that you can do to see if your IT band is actually limiting your hip mobility into your backswing and follow-through. You want to stand with your feet together with the club placed along your pelvis. What you’re going to do is rotate to your follow-through position with your feet flat. You want to make sure that your belly button is going at least 45 degrees if not further. Now you want to separate your feet, just a little bit, with the club across your pelvis, bend your knees, now rotate into your backswing. Again, you would like to see that your belly button is able to rotate 45 degrees to the right. If you find after doing that test that when you rotate in to your follow-through that you feel a restriction getting your hips through, or going in to your backswing, if you’re not able to rotate the hip, without pulling that knee out than your IT bands are tight.

Here’s a good exercise / stretch for you to do.

What you’re going to do is you’re going to lie down on your side. The bottom leg needs to be bent up 90 degrees. You’re going to grab the ankle of the top leg. You want to make sure that you keep your lower leg and your upper leg all in one plane. Then you’re going to place the leg, your foot, on your other leg on top of the knee. You’re going to want to keep the hip up so you’re pulling the leg in. You’re pushing the leg down with the other upper foot and you should feel a stretch just on the front side of the IT band. This will help stretch out one of your quadriceps muscles that actually attached to the IT band. You want to hold this for a good 20 to 30 second stretch and then repeat on the other side.


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