Golf Swing Address Position – "Balance"

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Balance at Address – PGA Professional Robin Symes explains how to achieve a balanced address position.
Hi this is Robin Symes. Here’s a couple of tips to help you achieve balance in your address position. Number one, take your normal address closing your eyes. I simply want you to rock to your toes and your heels until you’re able to sense where your weight is balanced, which should be the center of your feet. Number two, again in your normal address position with a mirror behind you, take your address position, holding your club from your triceps. And I want you to see that this club will be just in front of your knee caps, down into your shoelaces. If your weight is too much on your heels, this, club will come behind your knees. If you’re weight is too much in your toes, this club will fall in front of your toes. Two simple tips to help you achieve balance in your address.

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