Golf Swing Flexibility Tip: Get Straight Then Strengthen or The Dark Side of Golf Fitness

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Golf Swing Flexibility Tip: Get Straight Then Strengthen -or-
The Dark Side of the Golf Fitness Movement

Up until approximately 20 years ago, Golf Fitness was almost an unheard of commodity and in fact, most people thought that working out was actually bad for golfers! However, with the emergence of Tiger Woods, golf fitness is now recognized as a requirement for playing good golf.

Understanding that a stable base of the lower body stemming from strong legs, combined with a flexible torso, are mandatory for playing good golf, exercises to strengthen and make the body more flexible are now a part of a serious golfer’s training regimen.

Although the golf fitness movement is here to stay, there is now a Dark Side to the Golf Fitness movement as more and more amateurs — and especially professionals, are getting injured at a rapid rate! The truth is that young men and women in the prime of their physical health ARE NOT DESIGNED TO HAVE THEIR BODIES BREAKDOWN AT SUCH a high rate!

I’ve heard these injuries blamed on a number of things from; the golfer’s technique, or that they hit the ball so hard, etc., but the truth is; that the overwhelming number of these injuries are caused by the golfers being out of postural alignment due to 1). The Sedentary Lifestyle that we live in today, and 2). The Repetitive Motions causing golfers to get out of alignment. When one is out of nature’s natural design with the joints stacked on top of one another, and then get on explosive or repetitive strengthening workout, the person is usually an accident waiting to happen.

In other words, I believe that the golf swing is often blamed for the injuries when the real culprit is sedentary lifestyle.

Being in good posture will not only contribute to better golf fitness, but actually prevent injuries of happening in the first place!

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