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Ever wonder if your golf swing’s low point is in the right place to start? Do you know if it stays there while you are swinging your club? What about the difference in the low point between a fairway wood, an iron, and a driver? There is no way it can be the same for all 3 and this video will remove any questions and doubts you may have about the situation. We will also show you how you can compress through that ball, and into beautiful piercing trajectories that would have your ball find more fairways and greens in regulation with a fun factor that is through the roof!

Wait till you see the smooth visuals that will guide you to the perfect ball position and task that will keep you nicely centered on hitting clean shots with a great spin that will hold up in any situation.

00:00 Introduction From Shawn and Sav
01:11. The visual references for the golf swing low point
02:53. How to achieve the low point with the irons
04:58. The low point for the fairway woods
06:32. Grasping the low point for the driver
07:37. Throwing the golf clubs and the importance of side vision
09:53. Savannah hitting with the driver on the GCQuad
11:18. ‘Throwing golf clubs drill’ with Savannah

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