Golf Swing Mechanics for Straight Golf Shots

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Learn THE key golf swing mechanic required for perfectly straight golf shots that most golfers DON’T do right. Hitting straight golf shots as demonstrated here by RST Founder Chuck Quinton requires a square path and club face into the golf ball. To do that, you must shift your weight properly not only in the downswing, but during the backswing as well.

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As demonstrated in this video, a full weight shift to the right is critical to help give you momentum to shift back to the left. That’s where most golfers make a mistake.

Most golfers are so concerned with making clean contact that they think that if just don’t move off the ball at all that they’ll have a better chance of not chunking the shot. The reality is that this takes your lower body completely out of the golf swing and forces you to use just your arms which tends to lead to a steeper angle of attack and an out to swing path. This of course leads to chunked iron shots and big banana slices.

To fix the most common swing fault in the world, most golfers and their instructors try to figure out some way to reroute and manipulate the golf club with the arms, but this leads to a whole new set of problems and is just focusing on the symptoms.

To fix the swing fault you need to focus on the cause which is not shifting the weight laterally during the downswing. This lateral movement is what Chuck calls a “shallowing move”. This shallowing move drops the golf club down on plane which allows for the club path to approach the ball from the inside rather than over the top. —
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