Golf Swing Path – See The Circle

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This is a good tip for people to see the swing path and how to get better rotation with their body. In a good players golf swing, you want to be using your body to hit the golf ball. Your power comes from your legs and hips, so with this tip I want to show how when using your body you can start thinking about a circle that your golf club makes.

Try thinking about he circle and how it relates to your body when swinging. Start with your feet together and get the circle moving on your toe line. Keep thinking this way and what the golf club is doing on both sides of your golf swing.

If you have some weird moves in your golf swing like; over the top, chicken wings or sliding then this is a good image for you to have when working on hitting the golf ball better. Start getting a better path and start to hit some straighter shots. Start hitting some straighter shots and you will start playing some better golf.

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