Golf Swing Practice At Home – Natural Throwing Action

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Simple Golf Swing Techniqe At Home

The golf swing can paralyze many people with overthinking and trying so hard to perform the perfect golf swing following complicated swing instructions. This is a major reason why improvement in the scores and owning a simple golf swing that you can trust is a pipe dream.

However there is hope and the hope is allowing your body and brain to realize that golf is just an action. A human throwing an object to just collect a ball that’s on the floor. This is a Simple Golf Swing Techniqe

Just like throwing a ball or skimming a stone.

And thats why to improve your golf swing you need to allow a natural throwing action.

So please go out into your back yard and throw some balls or skim some stones if possible because the throwing action is exactly what you need to feel and do in your golf swing.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf mission is to make golf simple and help you get better without the need of hours of practice and complicated swing instruction.

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