Golf Swing Release Drills – Golf Training The Right Way

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This Product Is No Longer Available! – Golf Swing Biomechanic Mike Pedersen shows you how to release your hands in your golf swing. Implementing golf training movements and drills will quickly improve your ball striking. The key is what you do with your right wrist. First remove all tension in wrists and fingers.

Second, from the top, pull down with the butt of the club, retaining the angle (hinge) in your right wrist for as long as you can. You want to avoid the early release at all costs.

Then, coming into impact, get your right hand on top of the shaft, covering the golf ball. This will compress the crap out of the ball, and it will explode of the clubface. Continue to drive the right hand down as if you’re twisting it into the ground.

There is no rolling of the wrists independent of your arms, shoulders and body. As your right hand smothers the golf ball, your right shoulder is firing through, giving you more power through impact. No weak arm slap here!