Golf Swing Speed and Lag Naturally With A Football? | Amazing Feel of A Great Golf Swing

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Golf tips from The Art of Simple Golf. This golf swing tip is about a golf swing speed and lag naturally with a football. Let’s learn how to increase golf swing speed from Shawn Clement and Alex Fortey.

It’s not that hard to increase swing speed and improve your golf swing.

This golf swing video is about teaching you to make the most of your practice and use a football to improve golf swing lag, how to use the ground in your golf swing Expert coach, Shawn Clement from and The Art of Simple Golf Contributor.

Enjoy this golf tip and enjoy our website and many resources we have to improve every area of your golf game.

If you want to increase your golf swing speed and improve golf lag swing so this golf lag training aid video is for you to boost your golf swing lag drills. In this golf lesson bring up your golf game in perfection to feel great golf.

Golfers are always trying to make a great golf swing. We also always thinking about the golfers who want to learn more golf tactics and improve your golf swing drill. This golf swing speed drills really boost your golf game.

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the natural positions to create lag, to create consistency or without strain.

Shawn Clement
0:39 Yoy won’t believe how this is gonna open up your backswing for more juice as well for more effortless power in your swing. So you were talking about the led better drill that you used to death when you were a man.

Alex Fortey
0:53 What is the preset drill? You know trying to fill this shot that I want to hit making the backswing and they coming through.

1:0 So why is that preset?so cool, so luring and I’m gonna show you guys something that’s gonna really want you. It’s also want to practice this if I were to use a football. I want it to throw a football. This way underhand like a golf swing, like your traditional golf swing. I’d have to set up and want to go this way so I’m gonna start my throw until it falls and hinges and then I can go in that direction.

1:34 How I rerouted? why don’t we preset it? So I’ve got my elbow ready to lead so you notice the kinetic chain, the foot goes down and then as the lead side is being removed using the ground that’s loading up my kinetic chain there is my lag. So I throw the football, passes the elbow and I’ve delivered my power.

1:59 So I’m going to preset it. I want to go that way. When I take my backswing look at how far I’m turning because I need to lead up the football and If I swing towards. I’m never gonna bring the football this way.


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