GOLF SWING TIPS – 5 key swing tips to learn from TONY FINAU

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This video discusses how Tony Finau hits the golf ball so far and the key moves in his golf swing which give him this power.

Tony Finau is known for his short backswing, great rotation and powerful golf swing and more recently his ankle break just before the Masters.

The 5 key tips in Tony Finaus golf swing are moves you can introduce into your game to create more power, rotation and understand how to get the most out of your game.

I start by discussing key moves in his backswing position. Heis very different to other golf professionals as he opens the clubface more than other professionals but still manages to get the clubface square.

Finau restricts his rotation of the hips in his backswing position, creating a torque like pressure build storing energy to unleash coming into the downswing.

His short backswing is explained as how to create a short backswing but still create plenty of weight transfer and stored energy.

I also discuss his side bend in his golf swing and how he loses height in the backswing but this is a product of athletic rotational movement around the rib cage and spine.

I finally discuss his footwork and how important the transfer of weight is at impact and how this is distributed between his right toe and left heel another powerful move in his swing.

These 5 tips are great for all golfers who are looking for more distance and to start creating more clubhead speed in their game.

These are great golf tips you can use with the driver and iron and always a great lesson learning from the pros.

To summarise these golf tips focus on the backswing, posture, hip rotation, left arm swing, downswing, weight transfer and impact. There is also a discussion on footwork.