Golf Swing Waggle: Stay In Motion

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Golf Swing Waggle

In this tip I explain the golf swing waggle and how to stay in motion before you take the club back.

Starting from a static position will kill your golf swing. This is because by the time you actually go to hit the ball you will be all tight and locked up. Plus, you will be over-thinking every aspect of the swing.

By learning the correct golf swing waggle and how to stay in motion before you are ready to hit your shot you stay loose and create some rhythm to your swing.

Not only does the waggle keep you in motion but there are other moves such as bouncing the club, a knee kick or forward press that go along with it. As you practice your golf swing waggle make sure you also incorporate the elements in this tip along with it.

If you feel uncomfortable when you try some of these just remember that it will take a little time before it becomes natural. Just try to feel what is going to be best for you then be determined to incorporate it into your swing right away. Once you do you will develop the fluidity of the golf swing.

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