Golf Swing Weight Transfer – Backswing and Downswing

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WEIGHT TRANSFER – PGA Professional Robin Symes explains how to transfer your weight in the backswing and downswing. Please feel free to comment.
This is Robin Symes. I’m going to talk about weight shift. Weight shift is a subject which is misunderstood a lot. Often when players are looking at their swings in a mirror or in a camera, they think for the weight to be shifting towards their right foot in the backswing, and the left foot in the downswing, they must see movement to the right and movement to the left. Well generally speaking weight shift does not happen because of lateral movement. It happens because of rotation and force. Let me explain. In the backswing, because the momentum of the club is swinging around your body, your shoulders are rotating, your hips are rotating with speed. The weight will move into your right heel even though your head has stayed relatively central. In the downswing there’s a force. A downward pressure into your left toe and it’s this downward force which makes your body move over its left side. Now as the hips rotate to impact, the weight will move back towards your left heel. So a good weight shift will be, right heel, left toe, left heel.

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