GOLF: The Secret To How The Right Wrist Works In The Golf Swing

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The Secret To How The Right Wrist Works In The Golf Swing
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We’ve done a bunch of videos about wrist angles and the golf swing and how they pertain to hitting the ball solid, controlling the club face, and getting lag shaft lean. In this video, I want to go into a bit more detail.

In our previous video, what I was really trying to get across was I want you to bend your right wrist back about as much as you can right away during the backswing, at the top of the backswing, during the downswing, and during the follow through.

The premise of that video was everyone talks about the importance of a flat left wrist or lead wrist and how that impacts everything. But, as much as we all talk about the left wrist, I don’t have an easy time at the top figuring out how to do that. I have an easier time controlling my right hand.

Because we grip the club with both hands, if I move my left hand in a certain way, my right hand will move along with it. The point being, if I get to the top and I want my left wrist to be flat, my right wrist needs to be bent back or extended.

Not only is flat left wrist, bent back right wrist true at the top, it’s also true at impact. If I want to have a shaft lean and the impact that hits the ball solid, I need a flat left wrist and a bent right wrist.

To learn this, in the beginning just preset that position and start learning how to hit shots with that. I take a normal set up and I preset this position. From face on. my hands are even with my right thigh. My left wrist is flat. My right wrist is bent back. My club face is tilted slightly down. We’ll call this the delivery position. Now hit shots from this delivery position to and through impact. Get used to learning how to hit shots from that position.

As you are doing this, there also needs to be some arm rotation with both arms. I have both hands on the club and my right wrist is bent back. I’m maintaining the wrist angles, but there will be some arm rotation as well. The logo on my glove – back of my hand – will go towards the target. In fact, it should be probably a little to the right of the target if you have a neutral grip.

The point here is the right wrist is bent back all the way into my follow through. Bending your right wrist back will take the dynamic loft down. When you take the dynamic loft down, you compress the ball and you’re going to hit it more solid than you’ve ever hit it before.

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