GOLF: Three Easy Drills To Fix Your Legwork

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Let’s talk about three simple drills to fix your leg work. In this video, I’m focusing on how the right leg works during your downswing.

The first drill is more of a concept that I want you to play around with and it’s how your foot grips or uses the ground. When I see a leg work that goes too far forward or caves in too much, you’re gripping the ground counter clockwise, which is your right foot is basically doing a kind of spin out move. It creates that overly bent position and the inward knee versus having it gripping the ground clockwise.

Chris Como talks about the idea of gripping the ground clockwise before you throw a punch which is perfect. It’s exactly what I see good players do. If I feel like I’m gripping the ground and pushing it clockwise with my right foot, it keeps my trail leg in external rotation and then it’s easier for me to straighten up and get rid of that sloppy leg action. So, part number one is just playing around with that feeling like my foot is gripping it clockwise and right leg is going external.

The second drill for the right leg is to have an object in front of your right knee and your right leg. The fault or the bad movement is the pressure going too far towards the toes, the knee kicking in, and the hips kicking in. If I do that in this drill, my right knee will run into the pool noodle I’ve set up in front of my right leg. The idea being from the top, like I mentioned earlier, kind of gripping the ground clockwise, keeping the knee inside of the object as I work down and then gradually maintaining some depth and having my leg turning inside of that object.

The last drill for the leg work is an oldie but a goodie. When I take my normal setup, I take a sand wedge and I put that club right underneath my heel on my right foot. If I have that normal motion with the right leg getting sloppy during the downswing – pressure goes towards the toes – the club is going to pop out early during my downswing.

When I practice, I put it underneath my foot and I’m going to go ahead and make some swings and what I want to have happen is I want to keep that club in there until I get past impact – that means part of my heel is still going to be on the ground.

So that’s three drills for you guys to fix the leg work. We talk a lot about the left leg and rotation, but you can get a lot of that counter motion with the right leg. Hope that all makes sense! . If you guys have any questions, leave a comment down below.


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