Golf Training Aids – PivotPro Golf Swing Training Aid

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PivotPro Golf Training Aid. Award winning golf training aid – PGA “Best New Product” Award. Read Reviews

PivotPro golf training aid is used by thousands of PGA, LPGA golf instructors and tour pros and is the first pivot training aid for golfers of all caliber and age. With its lightweight and durable design, PivotPro is a revolutionary golf training aid that is specifically designed to promote correct pivoting and improve your golf swing.

Unlike other golf training aids, PivotPro is designed to be used on the practice range, at home or office, and fits easily in your golf bag. PivotPro is endorsed by world-renowned PGA instructor Jim McLean, and is currently used by PGA Tour pros, leading golf academies, and PGA/LPGA Class A instructors.

PivotPro guides you towards a correct pivot, encouraging correct golf swing fundamentals that result in proper coiling of the upper torso against the back leg. PivotPro helps you create maximum resistance that leads to more power, consistency, proper weight distribution, and footwork. It’s like having your own professional golf instructor at your beck and call!

Combine golf’s timeless and proven fundamentals with your new golf club design and forgiveness and take your game to a whole new level: PivotPro patented design will ingrain proper golf fundamentals and is guaranteed to help you build a powerful and consistent golf swing!

•PivoPro received the PGA “Best New Product” award.
•PivotPro stops slicing and hooking by preventing hip swaying and building separation between lower and upper body.
•PivotPro builds power and consistency by maximizing resistance, forcing you to coil your chest against a braced back leg.
•PivotPro builds consistency by promoting proper golf sequence, footwork, instep, and push off, resulting in a steady acceleration through the ball.
•PivotPro is endorsed by Jim McLean (World Renowned Golf Instructor), who has taught PGA pros such as Keegan Bradley, Gary Player, Brad Faxon and Sergio Garcia.
•PivotPro can be used on the practice range or in your home or office.
•Unlike other golf training aids, PivotPro allows you to hit full shots: use PivotPro for driving, chipping, and bunker shots.
•PivotPro’s lightweight and durable design allows you to move freely during your practice.

PivotPro fixes excessive hip sway and reverse pivot.
PivotPro fixes slice and over the top moves, and gets your swing in “The Slot” with the “Correct Swing Plane”.
PivotPro helps you master proper footwork, weight shift, weight transfer, instep and push off move.
PivotPro helps you master the proper swing sequence and maintain steady acceleration through impact.
PivotPro helps you master drives, chips and bunker shots