Golf Training Program To Improve Your Game And Prevent Injury

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This video is a quick presentation of our NEW Golf Performance Training program coming to No Regrets Personal Training,
Recently we completed our CHEK Golf Performance Specialist certification with Dan Hellman from the CHEK Institute. We did this because we needed to know more about the intricate details of the Golf Game and how if your swing is only a cm off it could mean you hit the ball 30 meters in the wrong direction!
Most golfers know that an effective exercise program and correct training can prevent injuries and can ultimately lead to a better golf game. When consulting the advice of a personal trainer or physical therapist to achieve better results, yet we recognized it is important that the trainer that has a solid understanding of golf. After all, a baseball player wouldn’t dream of going to a football coach to get out of a hitting slump.

A CHEK Golf Performance Specialist focuses on improving function through correct training. Without a doubt, the only way to improve a golf game is to improve the actual golfer: the ways they stretch, swing, and train. After all, many golfers will spend almost $5000 on clubs they can’t even swing correctly!

Paul Chek, author of The Golf Biomechanic’s Manual and founder of the C.H.E.K Institute in San Diego, CA, designed the CHEK Golf Performance Specialist advanced Training Programs to teach his technique to fitness trainers, health professionals and golf pros.

To earn the title “CHEK Golf Performance Specialist”, a person must first demonstrate extensive knowledge and grasp of the C.H.E.K System for developing golf performance and be able to address golf-specific conditioning needs. To prove their knowledge, they must also pass a rigorous written exam.

Paul Chek is one of the most sought after conditioning and rehabilitation consultants in the world. Melissa and I have met him several times and completed several of his training courses with him and are always blown away with awesome knowledge and content. Dan Hellman who took the Golf Course in Sydney is equally amazing and his DVD on Breathing For Exercise is one of the best DVD’s I have ever watched. Paul Chek is respected not only because he promotes proper self-conditioning and training, but because his cutting-edge techniques also prevent more injuries.

“Unlike golf, bodybuilding does not include a functional component; success in bodybuilding is not dependent upon precision timing, control, accuracy, or skill,” Chek writes in The Golf Biomechanic’s Manual. He maintains that by following a carefully designed program, conditioning the golfer specifically for the game of golf, the risk of injury can be significantly reduced, and the ultimate result is a better score. “With successful application of scientific conditioning principles, today’s golfers may, for the first time in over thirty years, approach lowering their golf scores,” Chek writes.
We show you the key exercises every golf player should have in their training program. And why you must have a thorough assessment of the major factors that contribute to swing faults. They are Flexibility, stability, strength and power factors along with poor movement patterns. These either create injury or poor performance for the golf player and only a specific golf exercise program will address this.
If you want to sign up to the program please send an email to or visit our website to find out more and get our Free Report and heaps more

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