Golf Training Secrets To Improve Performance

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This video features Ken Druce a former PGA tour professional at a 3 hour workshop with us (No Regrets Personal Training) where we take 10 people through the advanced concepts and methods of using exercises for stability, posture, flexibility, strength and power to improve your golf game!

These are just some of the things we cover in our 12 week Golf Performance Training Program where we show specific exercises for golf to improve driving distance, consistency and reduce injury.

To improve your golf game you should look no further than improving your body — whether it be getting stronger, increasing flexibility or balance, or healing a nagging injury, golf fitness is the answer. A consistent exercise program designed specifically for your needs is the best place to start. When designing a golf-specific exercise program, it is important to have a plan. Attempting to improve performance without some direction is a waste of time and energy.

Every golfer wants to play better golf, and golf is a highly athletic event! The most common method used to achieve this goal is a combination of professional lessons and more practice. Although this approach seems logical, it is the very reason many golfers end up injured and rarely reach their potential. Why? Simply, because few golfers associate the need for improved physical conditioning with their quest for improved performance.

At No Regrets Personal Training we approach golf conditioning in a truly sport specific manner. Our program is built entirely upon the principles of functional exercise. Unlike exercise programs developed upon a bodybuilding format, or upon muscle isolation exercises, functional exercises are designed to restore balance, lengthen, strengthen, and coordinate movement patterns specific to the golf swing. The human brain does not think in terms of isolated muscles. Instead, it recruits groups of muscles in uniquely programmed sequences. A golfer’s conditioning program must therefore be designed to integrate the whole body.

There are 4 physical factors that must be addressed in order to help the golfing athlete.

These are flexibility, stability, strength & power. It is important to address these factors in the correct order. This is what Paul Chek refers to as the Success Formula.

Golf requires coordinated movement of a lot of muscles throughout a large range of motion. In every golf swing, power is transferred from the legs through the core and the rest of the body and out to the club. Velocities can sometimes exceed 160 mph with proper muscle strength and control. The golf swing is an unnatural movement that is complex, explosive, and physically stressful. Since power is a function of force and velocity the importance of strength training cannot be overemphasised.

Conditioning is recommended in golf because it provides consistency in the game. Endurance is essential (aerobic and anaerobic) to make sure the last part of the golf swing is as effective and controlled as the first part of the swing and also to make sure the last drive of the day is just as powerful as the first one.

These are just some of the things we cover in our 12 week course and some of the snippets in this video.

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