GOLF: Weight Shift Vs Hip Turn

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Weight Shift Vs. Hip Turn

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Weight shift versus hip turn is inevitably one of the most common questions that comes up and I want to clear up the concepts in this video.

There will be some form of weight shift and turn during the backswing and there will be some form of weight shift and turn during the downswing. Everyone does it. Some people do the weight shift to a certain degree more than other people. Some people turn more than other people. I want to go over some just general things that we’re looking for that are stock.

At set up, I like to see players with about a 50/50 or just even distribution of pressure in their feet and I like to see the mass of the body basically centered.

When I make a backswing, there will be some form of shift to the right. I probably get to about 70/30 in my right foot. At the top, my body is still more or less centered.

From the top of my swing there’s going to be a pressure shift from the right foot to the left foot. I’d say what’s most common is 70/30 a to the left foot by left arm parallel or halfway down during the downswing.

For the turn, when I make a backswing, on average we’re looking for 45 degrees of hip turn and 90 degrees of shoulder turn. I’m gradually going from zero to 100 turning my hips and my shoulders.

The tricky part is, what do I do during the downswing. if you’ve watched my previous videos, you know that I like you guys to turn everything. I like the idea because I see all good athletes do it in golf and other sports. You need to turn everything learn to shallow the arms and the hands.

So, as I make my downswing, my body is moving a little bit down and forward. I’m shifting and I’m turning. What am I turning? I’m turning everything. I’m not looking for just the hips or shoulders. I want you to open everything up and learn to shallow the arms and hands with that.


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