Golf Workout Program: Improve Your GOLF MOBILITY!

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Golf workout programs need to focus on many things, but golf mobility is one of the most important keys for most golfers. Golf flexibility exercises can help restore range of motion in our joints allowing them to function more properly in our golf swing. Golf stretches that focus on hip mobility, thoracic spine mobility, and shoulder mobility will go a long way to giving us the power and efficiency that we need to be successful on the golf course. Check out this video where I take you through each of our major joints and show you golf exercises that you can incorporate into your golf warm up and golf fitness program.

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Hip Mobility Test for Golfers:

Thoracic Mobility Test for Golfers:

Shoulder Mobility Test for Golfers:


0:00 Introduction
0:31 How it works
1:13 Self-Myofascial Release
4:35 Controlled Articular Rotations
4:51 Hip Mobility
6:29 Thoracic Mobility
7:42 Shoulder Mobility
9:02 Neck Mobility
9:57 Activation
11:58 Thanks for watching!

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Golf Workout Program: Improve Your Mobility: