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Here’s a popular wrists release drill to help you get more clubhead speed. This one is sometimes called the L to L drill. I have a couple other tips posted that also explain it too. So what makes this tip different? Well, it shows you a close up of my wrists both left and right hands as I do the drill so you can follow along and learn how to release the golf club.

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The release in your swing is responsible to generating clubhead speed. Too many people are just trying to hit the ball with the arms. The problem is, this tightens your wrists. The tighter your wrists the slower the club swings.

So you need to understand the club head speed is not coming from hitting hard with the hands and arms. It is coming from the looseness of the wrist. This doesn’t mean you are so loose that you are letting go of the club though. You need a secure grip and loose wrists. If so, you will get the club releasing.

Grab a club and follow along with this tip so you will know if you’re doing it right. Once you learn it, you need to do this drill nightly around the house. Try to do 25 repetitions minimum. Over time, you will have done it thousands of times and finally loosen up your wrists give you more clubhead speed than ever.

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