GOLFER'S ELBOW FROM CHIN UPS? Elbow pain: anatomy, cause & prevention | Human 2.0

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Is golfer’s elbow from doing chin ups a thing? And is golfer’s elbow something only golfers get? Yes, and no. Yes, chin ups can cause elbow pain (and golfer’s elbow) if you aren’t doing them properly. And no, golfer’s elbow is NOT something that only golfers get.

Today, Human 2.0 Coach Dan Jones and head physiotherapist Jethro Constant will go over the anatomy, cause, and prevention of golfer’s elbow as it pertains to chin ups. It’s really a simple fix, but it will take mindfulness when you are doing your chin ups, pull ups, ring rows, and/or any other pulling exercise.

Do you get pain in your elbow? Do you do chin ups when you train? The two are related, and the lack of lat activation could be the cause.

Now chin ups are a great exercise that everyone should be doing to develop upper body and back strength, but you have to do them properly (and at the appropriate level) or you might end up either hurt or with pain. Golfer’s elbow is one of the consequences of doing chin ups improperly or at a level that is too hard for you. Watch this video and see how to prevent golfer’s elbow from happening because of doing chin ups.

Keep in mind there are lots of way to progress the chin up if you can’t do it from a dead hang on a bar. Rings rows or supported chin ups are great options. You can see our other videos for instruction on that. Better to make it easier but do it with better form than to sacrifice form and suffer later.

Working your way toward a full chin-up can be difficult, but by using the scapular pull or chin up variation (as shown by Coach Dan), you will develop better overall upper body strength, core strength, body awareness, coordination, proprioception, and physical literacy skills (in particular lat activation) to get you well on your way to the next step in your chin-up journey. Even if your goal isn’t to do a chin-up per se, scap pulls and chin pulls are good exercises just on their own.

Don’t be afraid to give chin ups a try, but remember to always work through a full range of motion, and with proper technique. Don’t rush chin ups. Always be mindful when you do this exerciselat. Stay tuned to our channel as we add more bodyweight exercises, other strength training, mobility, stretch and flexibility, and conditioning exercises and workouts.

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