How Best To Use An Impact Bag For Golf

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In this video, Award Winning golf teacher and golf coach Arlen Bento, Jr. and Ken Pierce of GolfGym (The PowerSwing Guys) demonstrate how to best use an Impact Bag Trainer to teach your body to bring the hands and grip of the club down into the slot, stop coming over the top and develop a powerful impact position.

With just a little practice, you will develop the correct drop down to get your golf club to the inside. This will help to eliminate the slice move. Arlen Bento utilizes his “Scrunch Drill” to get golfers into the proper position to apply the most power to the golf ball. A full body movement sequence will add power to the impact position.

Golf fitness is becoming a critical part of every professional golfers overall performance training. Using an Impact Bag you can teach your body to get into the proper impact position.

Consistent drills and exercises with an Impact Bag, GolfGym PowerBandz and the GolfGym PowerSWING Plus will develop good Movement Pattern Memory which will grow into a habit which will definitely help your Golf Swing. #GolfGym #GolfGymPowerSwingTrainer #Golf #GolfSwing #PowerSWINGPlus #GolfWarmUp #GolfGymFitness #GolfFitness