How Strong Glutes Can Eliminate Lower Back Pain

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Low back pain is by far the most common source of discomfort we deal with. The crazy thing is that most of the time we immediately go to the core being the culprit of the pain never looking at the glutes.

In this video, I’m going to show you how WEAK GLUTES could be the real cause of your lower back pain. You’ll also get some simple yet effective pain relief techniques to deal with this issue. Not only that you’ll take quick and easy exercises to help STRENGTHEN your glutes.

The gluteus muscles are three muscles in total. The glute maximus, medius, and minimus These muscles are solely around the hip area. The roles of the muscles are to extend your hip back into hip extension, abduct your hip or lift your leg out to the side in either standing or side lying, rotate your leg internally and externally, and to keep your pelvis level whenever you take a step.

Prolonged sitting during the day as well as an unequal weight distribution when standing are two of the most common reasons for this muscle to get weak and imbalanced.

You can use the exercises and pain relief techniques found in this video but this might only be a quick fix if not taken seriously. Since the underlying cause is weakness in the glute muscle you will want to back this up with some glute strengthening exercises for your low back that you can do a few times a week.

Whatever you do, just be sure you are consistent. You will also see that as you relieve the tension in the lower back, that your performance improves as well. Your depth should be increased and any low back pain that you felt by doing the exercise should be gone since you will now be able to do them with equal force through each leg.

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