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How to stop early extension in the downswing with TPI certified golf fitness trainer from GOLF FITNESS DALLAS TX , CHRIS OWNBEY.
Golfers striving to improve their scores must focus on fundamentals for success. The single most important and most overlooked swing fundamental that could be the couse of you losing power, distance and accuracy is a swing fault known as Thrusting or today’s term -Early Extension.
Is there a relationship between an early extension and your physical limitations? The answer to this question may be your missing link to a great game and to years of enjoyment instead of frustration on the course.
This Ultimate Golf fitness Performance Series has been written with numerous concise exercises that will help improve the golfer’s
flexibility, core strength, balance and power of muscles that directly affect the accuracy, distance, and consistency for golfers.
Presented through step- by- step easy to follow video system.
The golf fitness video series is for the golfer who wants to:
1.Avoid injury
2.Improve fitness for golf
3.More consistency and add distance off the tee
It will help them understand the anatomy behind the swing and the give you the tools to train that anatomy effectively.

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