How to Break 100 – Back2Beginner – Bare Bones Breaking 100 System – Episode 2

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On my quest to learn how to break 100 left handed as a beginner, I played my second nine holes of left handed golf ever. I learned a lot in this 9 holes while also breaking my first scoring barrier on the way to breaking 100. This is the Bare Bones Breaking 100 System.


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In this episode I played at Port Elizabeth golf Club in South Africa. It’s been a bit dry here and there has been a massive drought and there are currently water restrictions. With that being said, they’ve kept the greens in PHENOMENAL shape and are rolling very pure.

I learned a few things learning how to break 50 on nine holes. My system works! I am not remotely ambidextrous and throw very badly left handed and can barely write a full sentence with my left hand. I can’t brush my teeth left handed and wouldn’t dare cut a tomato left handed.

Breaking 100 in Golf – How to Break 100 Featuring an Actual Beginner

1. I need to improve my chipping to really go lower. I left an easy 3-5 shots out on the course that would be helped with good aggressive chipping.,

2. I need to eliminate the bad tee shots and also the feeling of intimidation on long holes. Par 5’s and long par 4’s make me wants to hit it hard. It’s no different to another hole. Just split the sots up into 3 or 4 shots and get there.

3. Putting inside 7 or 8 feet is highly important when you want to break 100 or shoot below 90 in golf especially. We leave ourselves a lot of them for pars and bogeys and converting them would bring us lower. We just need to practice it.

4. It’s better to adapt your strategy to your game than to force yourself to hit scertain distances with clubs. I thought I needed a 50 and 10 yard shot but what I need is to hit my sand wedge and pitching wedge and find a distance I hit them consistently.

5. I want to learn to hit the 5 wood in my bag so I can get 10-20 more yards off the tee. That will realy help me hit more greens in regulation or one over regulation and pull me closer to a score of 44 or 45 over nine holes.

To follow the Bare Bones Breaking 100 System, you just need a few clubs:
1. A reliable tee shot club which goes 140 yards or so.
2. A reliable iron – 6, 7 or 8.
3. Sand and pitching wedges
4. A putter
5. Course management and thinking
6. Relaxed attitude and desire to have fun.

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