How to Do a Rotation Stretch

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In this video, Mahalo fitness expert Heather Lawrence shows you how to do a rotation stretch.

Muscles Stretched

Completing stretching exercises can be beneficial in many facets of fitness. They can be used to loosen the muscles for sports activities or to relax muscles after an intense workout. This page will illustrate how to do a Rotation Stretch. It will also provide informations about the variations of this exercise that can be done virtually anywhere. The rotation stretch can be done lying down, sitting in a chair or while standing. The rotation stretch also has the ability to work several different muscles, depending upon the variation and how it is performed.

Step 1: Perform the Stretch Lying Down

This first type of
rotation stretch is the trunk rotation stretch. This movement will work the muscles in the torso, lower back and hips. This is an ideal exercise for golfers or others who frequently twist their body in a repetitive motion.c

1. Lie down on your back

2. Place you feet flat on the ground, bending your knees

3. To achieve the proper form, push your neck to the floor, by squeezing your shoulder muscles together

4. Rotate your hips to one direction keeping you back flat to the floor

5. Hold this position for up to 5 minutes so long as you feel the pulling of the muscle

Step 2: Spinal Rotation Stretch

Unlike the previous stretch, the
spinal rotation stretch requires one to be seated in a chair. This exercise is designed to help rotation and stretch the spine.c

1. Sit upright in a chair

2. Feet should be planted flat on the ground

3. Take each arm and cross them on your chest

4. While the rest of your body remains still, Turn your neck as far to one side as you can

5. Hold this position as your muscles stretch

6. Repeat this for each side

Step 3: Perform the Stretch Standing Upright

This exercise is similar to the one performed in Step 1. In this exercise, stand with your feet slightly apart. Once you have acquired a comfortable stance, place you hands on your hips. While standing straight, twist only at your torso to one side, holding the pose for approximately 20-30 seconds. Return to the forward position. This stretching exercise can easily be done at the office or while on vacation.c

Tips and Suggestions

* Stretching is important before and after exercising or weight lifting.
* Avoid bouncing when you are stretching as this can result in injuries.
* The spinal rotation stretch is designed to help rotation and stretch the spine.

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