How to Eliminate Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder Pain- The shoulder is the most complex joint in the body. It has to move through so many planes of motion throughout the golf swing, but what most people don’t realize is that the stabilization of the shoulder is mainly in the posterior of the shoulder and upper back. If your shoulder isn’t stable you will lose range of motion and will eventually add to discomfort, pain, and frustration, because you are forcing it through ranges of motion it should not and/or can not go through.

Here are 3 exercises to start doing today that will add stability to your shoulder

Watch as Mike Hansen gives three great exercises to help prevent and eliminate shoulder pain. As part of our new online training program, we want to help you get in as good of shape as you can, as well as eliminate some of the pains that come with being a golfer. Check out our blog at for more tips. To get more information about our online training program, go to