How to Hit an Effortless Draw With Driver – Golf Swing Tips

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Fixing the slice with the driver can be tricky, but these common driver slice mistakes are also easy to fix. This video gives you 3 great golf swing tips to fix that slice with driver and help you learn how to hit a draw with driver in no time!

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Golf Stance – many amateur golfers think that getting into a really wide stance will help them to hit that long ball. Get your golf setup about shoulder width stance, and you should have a wide enough base

Long golf backswing – if you are using this long backswing, you probably are getting out of control with your shots. Shorten your backswing to get more in control and you will get more distance with the extra accuracy as a result.

Chicken wing – when amateur golfers try swinging harder, they tense up their arms and bend the elbows for that dreaded chicken wing. Instead, feel a little looser, swing free and easy and see your balls go straighter and maybe even farther!

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