How to Hit Golf Shots Farther with BamBoom Golf Whistle Sticks

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BamBoom Golf Training Aids – Swing Trainer – Proven Way to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed and Accuracy – Ideal for Home & in Office Golf Training – All Ages – Whistlestick
by BamBoom

★ TIRED OF GOLF TRAINING AIDS THAT DON’T DO MUCH TO IMPROVE YOUR GAME OR CORRECT YOUR FLAWS, and sometimes even make a mess of your swing? ENDORSED BY PROFESSIONAL GOLFERS & COACHES, the patent pending BamBoom Whistle Stick Golf Swing Trainer is the only golf equipment on the market with 2 AUDIBLE “WHISTLE” TRAINING DEVICES installed that are DESIGNED TO ANALYZE YOUR GOLF SWING weight and help you INCREASE SWING SPEED, IMPROVE ACCURACY & CONSISTENCY, and ADD DISTANCE TO YOUR SHOTS.
★ WHILE CHEAP, POORLY CONSTRUCTED SWING TRAINERS have shafts that BREAK EASILY & GOLF GRIPS THAT SLIP OUT OF ALIGNMENT AFTER A FEW USES, the Whistle Stick is made of STRONG, DURABLE BAMBOO, one of the world’s most robust & sustainable natural materials. Featuring a TOUGH, HARDWEARING GRIP HANDLE, our long-lasting golf aid is safe and secure for GOLF OFFICE TRAINING and PRACTICING YOUR SWING AT HOME.
★ DON’T SETTLE FOR GOLF AIDS THAT ARE AWKWARD TO USE & STRAIN YOUR BACK, NECK & SHOULDERS. Our patent pending golf swing training aid is available in 4 DIFFERENT LENGTH & WEIGHT COMBINATIONS, making it perfect for men, women, and kids of different heights and strengths to add to their golf set. ALSO GREAT FOR GOLF STRETCHING EXERCISES!
★ WHISTLE YOUR WAY TO BETTER SHOTS. The Whistle Stick provides AUDIBLE FEEDBACK WITH EVERY SWING, so you know exactly where you’re generating the most power and speed – and WHAT YOU NEED TO IMPROVE ON. The perfect golf set addition for both beginning and seasoned golfers, our golf trainers make great GOLF GIFTS for men and women, dad golf gifts, jr golf set, practice golf clubs for men, and womens GOLF PRACTICE EQUIPMENT!
★ WE’RE ON A MISSION TO HELP EVERYONE BECOME A BETTER GOLFER – NO MATTER THEIR SKILL LEVEL. We’ve meticulously designed & crafted our practice golf clubs to DETECT SPECIFIC FLAWS & PERFECT YOUR SWING. A PORTION OF EACH SALE IS DONATED to Folds of Honor, which awards scholarships to fallen & disabled service members’ families, & the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation, which aids those in need.

Whistle Your Way to Better Shots!

Don’t settle for golf training aids that are awkward to use, don’t improve your game, and just end up straining your back.

The BamBoom Whistle Stick Golf Swing Trainer is uniquely designed with 2 audible “whistle” training devices installed to
act as a swing speed radar, so you can hear exactly which part of your swing needs to improve.

Our patent pending golf swing aid isendorsed by pro golfers & coaches and proven to improve swing speed, accuracy & consistency!

Available in 5 length & weight combinations for all heights & body types:

-40 inches 18. oz

-45 inches / 18 oz.

-45 inches / 22 oz.

-45 inches / 25 oz.

-50 inches / 22 oz.

While other golf trainers are poorly constructed and made of cheap materials that bend & break easily, with golf club grips
that slip out of alignment after a few uses, our golf swing analyzer is made of strong, durable bamboo with a sturdy grip handle that’s built to last.

Our golf grip trainer makes ideal womens & mens golf gear and a perfect practice golf driver, tempo trainer, golf-grip training aid, and
golfer gifts for men, women & kids! Great for golf stretching exercises, improving golf elbow, & practicing your swing safely in the home or office.

We’re on a mission to help everyone become a better golfer – no matter their skill level.
We’ve meticulously designed & crafted our golf trainer to detect specific flaws, so you can perfect your swing from the ground up.