How To Hit Longer Drives and Be Consistent: 3 Simple Golf Tips

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How To Hit Longer Drives and Be Consistent 5 ultimate golf lessons for ultimate golf lessons free. Hit longer and straighter drives without complication.

Alex Fortey here and welcome to the art of simple golf. Now how to hit a driver is this geared towards beginners, yes but it’s really geared to anyone that might be struggling.

It’s not as hard as you may think so we are going to cover a couple of thoughts that I want you to go through every time you take the big badger out of the bag.

So the first thing I want to address we cover it in another video but it’s so important you have to tell your to the brain what you are trying to do you can’t just walk up to tee it up and think I want to hit this 300 yards.

If you want to see it and 300 yards away you might not be able to but you know let’s make it to 50 in an exact spot tell your brain exactly. Now we need to make that our setup is not too steep.

We are not too tense we have got fluid in our action and we want a nice reverse k position and we can always get into that position by sliding the right arm down to the right knee to make sure.


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