How to Improve Golf Swing Balance – When You Swing Balanced You Swing Better

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Welcome to Grip It Girl Golf Lessons! We stand committed to our mission to inspire and encourage girls and women to play, learn and be empowered through golf. Please subscribe to our channel to join our movement!

Today’s video is a fundamental of golf lesson focused on BALANCE. Balance is one of the key foundations of the golf swing and should be an essential part of your practice and play.

From watching and teaching many beginning golfers it has become very evident that many people don’t practice enough on maintaining good balance and proper weight distribution throughout the swing. That’s fine, I’m here to help.

Next time you watch the PGA or LPGA on TV really take into consideration how well they are balanced. You rarely, if ever, see them swing so hard they lose their balance. They always look like they are in complete control of both their body and their swing. Now compare that to the 4 some who just teed of at the local muni golf course. I bet those guys and gals were swinging out of their shoes and almost falling over.

Unlike some of the other components of the swing, balance is relatively easy to find but hard to maintain. That’s why I’ve got two easy drills to help you achieve better balance and with that a better golf swing.

First, we are going to do the slow motion drill. In this, we swing the club at 20% or less of our normal speed. Going slow will help us find better balance because we can actually interpret and fix the swing during the motion because we’re going so slow.

Start at your setup, weight maybe 60% to 40% on your front foot. As we slowly start the backswing we begin to move much more weight onto our back foot until most of it is loaded there at the top of the backswing. Then slowly start the hip turn and start driving with the back leg, shifting the weight back onto the front foot. Once you have the club through the hitting zone and into your follow through all of your weight should be on your front foot, hips pointed at the target. Do this a few times and you will definitely see some improvement.

Next, we have the back foot back drill. This is really helpful on getting your weight onto your front foot during the follow through, something I see many beginning golfers struggle to do.

Start in your normal set up but put the ball right off your front foot. Next, take your backfoot and step back so it’s behind you, with just your big toe touching the ground. You should feel like all of your weight is on your front foot now. This may seem weird, but trust me, it’s worth it. Now make some swings and try to hit the ball, always trying to remain balanced on your front foot. You will find that your finished swing is always on your front foot, which is where the weight should always be when you’ve completed your swing.

Try adding these two drills to your practice or warm up routine and I promise you that you’ll start to see some improvement in your balance and this, your overall golf game.
Find your balance on and off the golf course.
Be balanced in your movement, your thoughts and your emotions. Avoiding the extremes, instead finding the middle road of connection, understanding and acceptance.

Enjoy this amazing golf journey of personal growth!
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