How To Improve Golf Swing Power – Rotational Exercise With Dumbbell

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Get Free Report Now - Click Here (opens in a new tab) – Mike Pedersen Golf Fitness Trainer shows you a simple golf exercise with a dumbbell will quickly improve your golf swing range of motion, power and distance. Using a single dumbbell and an exercise ball, you’ll do 2 sets of 10 repetitions both arms, a couple of times per week to see results.

I believe in golfers not having to become “gym rats” to improve their power and distance. That is why I put together an instantly downloadable ebook with the above exercise and other very golf specific exercises to improve your driving distance.

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The direct benefits to your golf swing from this simple golf exercise is many. Among them are strengthening the shoulder muscles and joint to allow for maximum width and turn on both your backswing and follow through.

Also, benefits in core rotation and strength, which will quickly increase your clubhead speed and ultimately your distance. If these benefits aren’t enough to motivate you to do this simple golf exercise, then I don’t know what to say!