How To Increase Golf Swing Speed (3-STEP POWER SWING!)

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Here’s how to increase golf swing speed…
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There’s a couple key concepts to put into practice to increase that golf swing speed immediately. I want you to be able to do these both in practice and when you take them onto the golf course.

Part number one, in any athletic motion, part of that motion is going to be rotation. Rotation meaning, I’m going to turn my body during the backswing or first part of the motion. I’m going to turn my body, then, during the second part of the motion.

There’s a tremendous correlation with club head speed and rotation. When I make a swing, the more I were to rotate my body in both directions, the faster I can get that club head working.

Unfortunately, the opposite of that is also true. If I make a swing and I don’t rotate at all either way and I have to purely get the club head speed from my arms and hands, I can’t produce as much as I would like to.

Now, not everyone’s going to be able to turn through as much as the people on TV, but most of us can turn on the way back like the people on TV. A lot of people come in and they say, “Hey, listen, I don’t have enough flexibility. I’m a senior golfer. I can’t do a lot of turn during my backswing.” And I don’t necessarily agree with that…

I want to go over a couple parts here that you can focus in on to make that backswing turn and increase it regardless of flexibility. The reality is, the more I can turn back, the more potential speed during the way through. So, backswing turn, what are some cheat things I can do to help turn back more?

Watch the video for the full explanation.

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