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This video discusses the art of a simple golf swing and how to make the golf swing as simple as possible by breaking it down into key components.

These golf swing tips are ideal for beginners.

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People often revert back to using golf swing trainer, golf swing training aids, and have this belief about the golf swing perfect positions which just isn’t true.

During this video we will be going through the swing in slow motion, offering you simple golf tips for every part of the golf swing.

The idea is that you will understand the simple principles of swinging a golf club so your’e no longer dependant of golf training aids, worried about the golf swing plane, or trying to swing the golf club on plane.

The majority of golf shots are hit of the floor so you would need to be careful applying this advice with the driver although some elements can still be used when it comes to using your driver. The idea is to keep everything simple to make the golf swing as basic as possible even for the golf swing with the driver.

This is the best honest advice you’ll find about the simple golf swing on YouTube.

This video discusses how to compress the golf ball, hit the golf ball dead straight and increase your golf swing speed. So your no longer dependant on using a golf swing plane trainer. This advice can also be used for ladies and senior golfers alike.

These golf tips are best used for the irons.

Following these tips will help you swing like a Professional and start to emulate Professional golf swings like Justin Rose.

So to summarise this video discusses the posture, grip, how to hit the golf ball, the golf backswing, the golf downswing, the impact and the through swing. This video also discusses the rotation in the golf swing.

So I hope you enjoy the video and the golf tips.

The tips on the golf swing, golf tips for the driver, you can use these golf tips for chipping, they’re great tips for beginners,