How to Shift Your Weight – 60 Sec. Free Golf Tips

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Want a tour pro quality golf swing? Then you must master weight shift first above all else! A proper weight shift is what allows the golf swing to sequence correctly and is critical for increasing your golf swing speed.

That’s because a proper weight shift allows you to create and maintain lag which makes up 2/3 of your club head speed.

So, if you want more power in your golf swing, focus on weight shift first and learn these key drills in the bonus video here:

Hey guys, Chuck Quinton here, founder of Today’s 60 second golf tip is all about weight transfer and why it’s so important to sequencing the down swing correctly. Most golfers have a stance that’s too wide, I talked about it in one of the other 60 second tip videos. When your stance is too wide, it makes it really hard to shift your weight. If you don’t shift your weight what you’re going to find out, is you’re gonna start putting the ball further and further back in your stance, this is going to be a never ending cycle. The further you put the ball back in your stance, the less you’re going to shift your weight, ’cause if you shifted your weight correctly, you’d completely miss it.
Weight shift is critical for transferring energy in the swing, and allowing you to conserve lag. That’s really the important part of weight shift. Lag makes up about two thirds of your club head speed. If you don’t have this wrist angle as you come half way down to the down swing, you’ve got nothing left to hit with, and it all comes down to a weight shift. You shift your weight correctly, and it allows the swing to sequence and unfold correctly.
If you don’t know how to shift your weight correctly, take a look at this bonus video, it’s gonna show you just how important weight shift is, but what weight shift really does in the swing, and it’s so important, that it’s one of the most important fundamentals we talk about in Rotary Swing. If you like this video, make sure you click like down below, and please make sure you leave a comment in the comments below if you’ve got a tip that you’d like to see from —
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