How To Start Your Golf Swing The Best And Natural Way With Momentum

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Do you want to know how to start your golf swing with the momentum the best and natural way? Let’s go with our golf coach Alex Fortey to learn how to start golf swing like a pro.
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A simple golf lesson from Alex Fortey on how to start the golf swing, improve takeaway and have a better, more powerful golf move that won’t cause stress or as many inconsistencies. Lots of golfers struggle with how to take the golf club away after set up, it’s often a snatch or quick movement that sets one up for a lot of golf swing faults. But if you look at other things we do in life and other tasks we see that momentum is the key principle. And you must make your golf swing the same. By starting the movement with pressure on your lead leg you will start the golf swing sequence in a much more natural way. Then by shifting that pressure back to the inside of the trail leg, you will still be centered and now have initiated the golf swing for more power and consistency. Many players and pro golf swings on the PGA Tour and LPGA tour do this. Vijay Singh, Henrick Stenson. Ernie Els a little are just that spring to mind. Longtime careers with minimum injuries too. So try this very simple golf swing tip and see how when you allow momentum to start your golf swing you will be hitting the golf ball longer and straighter more often. Plus as a benefit, it will really help those moments when you are tense. Come join us at The Art Of Simple Golf… too many golfers are frustrated about their golf improvement or lack thereof. But it should not be so hard. The golf swing is complicated but it can be made more simple if you know how. The golf game can have gradual improvement if you follow simple golf principles and enjoy the journey. Natural golf swing. Focus on your target and enjoy that perfection is unnataible in golf.

0:33 We can understand what we do in everyday life to set momentum up and movement for the golf swing and really we need a trigger you know.

0:38 You’ll see a lot of players do a couple of things that maybe they have a forward push with their hands but you know that seems like the big movement but a lot of times not only other hands moving forward. It’s actually the legs at the same time. So that they’ll be like a push forward and a push back.

0:59 You know, if we were doing anything Movement wise that we’re trying to generate something whether it be a pitcher throwing
a ball doing a tennis racket. We don’t go back straightaway usualy.

1:12 You know, you go here and then we leverage so we’re not talking about swing but we’re talking about moving that pressure.

1:20 So on the legs what we want to actually feel is just as we start the golf swing? What we want to feel like a bit of pressure in that front leg and then back and it’s actually that’s the trigger. You’re going to do so it’s like I’m starting the swing by feeling lip squeezing on the inside of the thigh. Just like this and then I’m starting back and then It’s moving on to the inside of the right leg.

1:39 It might take a little while to get used to but it will hopefully give you a better feeling of starting the golf swing that isn’t as much rushing. Not rushing but rushing the swing, especially from the takeaway which can make us go too deep and can cause a bit of trouble so you feel almost light and place that movement on the swing.

2:05 As we start, we’re just going to go. So there’s my target and then I was going to start and swing.

Okay, That’s the move that we want.

2:18 It’s gonna actually take a lot of thought away for you of what you’re thinking about position wise.

So let’s start to try again. It just for a practise drill reason.

So we’re going to push forward and then push back, keep a nice width and a smooth golf swing.

2:52 That the idea is that I’m initiating my swing correctly to give me the width to give me the tempo that I want from the very beginning.

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