How to Stay Focused Every Shot even after bad holes MENTAL CHAMPION

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I love Siem Reap, been there 4 times now and this was my first golf trip

I stayed here:
and played here:

The van picked me up both days and Dani, the best caddie in the land, was with me for two days as we plotted our way around the Nick Faldo Angkor Golf Resort. Absolutely BRILLIANT. I cannot wait to get back.


Playas, in this video, you find out how to stay focused. I share with you a commitment strategy, how I see the holes ahead, how I like to aim.It’s course management on the golf course for the playas who want to play from the back tees.

Even after hitting 3 of water balls off the tee, I still shot 80. How? By not being a whiner, and by not getting down on myself. I also realized that golf is just a game. It’s a game and it is fun regardless of what happens. The only time I was stressed in this round was when I didn’t commit to a shot and that’s my own fault.

The key to great golf is confidence and commitment. You need these two things. Confidence comes from either a) faking it or b) practicing.

Commitment comes purely from you eliminating your demons and just accepting your plan and thinking about nothing else other than executing the plan regardless of the plan. If you can do that, you will be a mental baus.

Only hit shots that you are 100% committed to. No less than that. If you think you can play golf with less than 100% commitment, you’re wrong.

Walk away from the shot if you are not committed. Get recommited then hit the shot.

Other than that, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the grass, the sand, the water and the greens. There is no better place on the earth than on a quiet, Nick Faldo golf course with beautiful fairways, great greens and wonderful bunkering.