How To Strike Your Irons | Simple Golf Ball Striking Drill

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How to rip your irons. Simple golf ball striking drill. In this video, Alex Fortey explains how to instantly rip your irons. Let’s watch this video and learn all about golf.
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This is another golf lesson video for them who want to know how to rip your irons perfectly and how striking the golf ball.

The Art of simple Golf channel is your host to teach you everything about golf like as how to do better ball striking with irons and golf swing techniques.

This simple golf ball striking tips will make you a better ball striker. There are many ways you improve your ball striking skill but my method and tips really help you to boost your skill very faster and reduce your lag of ball striking drill.

This golf drill is very effective to improve your ball striking with irons. By changing the ball position to the bottom edge of the club, you are naturally forced to chase and lag your golf swing to get the compression and ball striking you want.

In an ideal golf swing, we want to be hitting the golf ball first with the iron, then the turf. This will mean the low point and divot occurs AFTER the golf ball.

This simple golf drill will stop fat shots, improve consistency and prove to you, that when you trust your instinctive golf senses more, you can see a big improvement in your golf game without needing lots of golf lessons or complicates golf swing techniques.

This will also help you get more lag in your golf swing. Alex Fortey is power in your golf swing. How most of you are going about increasing lag is actually killing your golf swing and speed. When you understand exactly how to do it, you will be amazed at the consistency you get in your golf swing and also more power and compression in your golf shot.

0:22 I have a nice way that you can compress your own shots and see the strike more often that you’re looking for that’s going to give you penetrating through the wind.

0:30 We have to hold on to the greens and actually get that beautiful feel more often and one of the reasons why we play this game is to get that nice crisp shot.

0:42 This drill is going to emphasize the importance of striking the golf ball first.

0:49 The golf swing is basically just a circle whichever you’re looking at. It is just a circle.

0:55 We might be on various planes but we’re just a circle whether you’re looking at down the line or straight on the golf swing is a circle the bottom of that circle.

1:07 We want to be hitting the ball on the upswing with an iron shot. Want to be getting it just beginning at the bottom of the arc.

1:19 Now, you will be striking the ball trying to lift it up a little bit but keep in mind about the positions.

1:28 If we make a nice good golf swing and really so that get the golf ball first and get the center of the sternum over the ball.

1:37 Need to make sure we’re turning around a central point and we get that golf ball and get the desired result. Here’s a very instant way that we can see results to emphasize that all I want to do is take your adjust position like normal.

2:02 There’s my normal address position for this 6 iron that’s where to want to be perfect.

2:14 I’m now same positions, I’m not moving it, I’m not club hit forward but now I have to go and chase that ball a little bit not coming over the top but just by trusting that my release to the target. That’s going to deliver the right shot I want to hit.

So you need to trust yourself and go ahead to through the ball.
You can so try that drill. It’s very effective and it can do a lot for your golf game.


Alex Fortey


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